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FPAC celebration made possible with Sponsortech

Sponsortech raised a total of $ 17,750 for the 23rd(FPAC) last October 4 and 5 at Grand Park in Downtown, Los Angeles. FPAC is an arts and culture program designed to address the multicultural constituency of the city.


The free, family-friendly, two-day festival showcased Filipino and Asian culture: the 7th Annual Tinikling Battle (bamboo dance), Pilipino Artists Network Visual Art Gallery, traditional music, dance and martial arts, arts and crafts, and storytelling at the Youth Pavilion. It also featured Filipino American Symphony Orchestra as well as special guests, performances and appearances by popular Filipino celebrities from ABS-CBN. Furthermore, the festivity also included 10th annual Vegetable Competition, FPAC Poetry Slam, Shopping at the Park Palengke (Marketplace) and more.

With Sponsortech’s state-of-the-art tools and methods in matchmaking, the festival was funded successfully at the same time giving all sponsors a great value of their investment. Sponsors acquired by Sponsortech are as follows:

Toyota $ 5000

Mavshack $ 2500

American Association of Retired Persons $ 4500

Moneygram $ 3250

Western Union $ 2500